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• the "royalty free" solution is easy to use:  listen, purchase, download and use.
Get  the official licence document automatically sent by email for a combination between music and image (so called "Right to Sync Music"), which allows you to insert the songs from the music library in your own audiovisual productions, with various features according to your needs (basic license, reproduction, online advertising and  Radio / TV publicity).

Immediately after your purchase in your user account private area, download the audio file in MP3 format at 256 kbps or upon specific request in uncompressed format type "wavwithout paying any copyright to any agency.

• The use of musical compositions in audiovisual and multimedia

The use of musical compositions as a background in audiovisuals and multimedia means that the manufacturer has to obtain further permits from different persons: the society for the protection of copyrights for the reproduction of protected compositions, music editors for synchronization (matching the compositions to images) and  the record producer for the possible use of his own recordings.
It is often a long  complex, and expensive procedure. Furthermore, in some cases  (famous songs performed by successful artists), the outcome is uncertain, because the music publishers and record producers can deny access for certain uses. With the "royalty free" licence  all of this is not needed anymore.

• Production Music Libraries (Sound of Music Catalogues)

The procedure is rather easy if the manufacturer uses the royalty free Production Music. The Production Music is in fact music specially created for both still and moving background images, reproduced also on audio-visuals and multimedia (DVD, CD-ROM, Blu-Ray, etc..) intended  for both public distribution for private use, and promotional / institutional use, as well  Internet applications and advertising.
 For a long time now, Novaera srl has made available its music library to multimedia and video producers, web developers, directors, advertising agencies, etc..
Access to this music by producers is particularly easy, because the songs are recorded and categorised into musical styles according to the image that follows and are provided based on convenient predetermined rates, thereby allowing well timed preparation of the budget.

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